What type of integrations should I build?

Initially implemented as a vehicle to supplement core Xero functional capabilities, Xero’s Open API is now central to a thriving ecosystem of 500+ partner integrations and almost 29,000 registered developers. This growing global ecosystem uses the value of Xero’s Open APIs to build their own business. The value of Xero’s underlying data accessible via our open APIs is continuing to increase as we scale and grow the business globally. At more than 700,000 small business subscribers and growing globally, Xero provides the ecosystem with more business opportunities than ever.

At Xero we encourage and support innovation with our API’s, however we also believe developers can benefit by understanding how some of Xero’s software capabilities map to real world business problems, and by providing some common usage scenarios that demonstrate how small businesses tackle these business problems with software.

To that end we have provided a usage scenario matrix on the Dev Portal that provides an overview of some of the most common integration scenarios that address the needs of our small business customers and accountant partners.

Ecosystem Apps – Scope of use and terms

Practice Apps – Scope of use and terms

FinWeb Apps – Scope of use and terms

Enterprise Apps – Scope of use and terms

The usage scenarios are not intended to be an exhaustive list!

Our partners continually demonstrate their creativity and innovative thinking by building application integrations that leverage the Xero API in new and creative ways. The matrix will provide aspiring partners and developers insight into the most common areas where small businesses owners and accountants rely on software to build, manage and grow.