Xero Developer Support


Xero ensures that our API documentation is constantly updated and is as accurate as possible. If specific functions or features are not documented, you can assume that they are not supported within the API.

Developer Community Forum

You can ask a question or find past answers that might point you in the right direction in our developer community forum. This is the best place to get support and assistance, and is regularly monitored by Xero developer platform staff.

Current API status

If you are unsure of the current status of the API and want to rule out any issues on our side, you can check our developer status page which is updated as soon as any issues are identified.

Integration guidance

We have written a number of guides on specific integration types and projects such as integration best practicesCRMfarmingpayroll and lots more.

Contact Us

We can provide limited direct support for specific issues and questions: if you have a very specific non-code* question, contact us.

*Please note Xero does not provide email support for questions related to code issues – ask those in the developer forums.

Tips for email support:

  • Provide the name of your API application

  • If possible, include a sample request and response

  • Please reference the forum thread of any question that was originally asked there