Xero App Partner Landing Page Guide

Welcome aboard.

To become Xero certified we require you to build a dedicated Xero landing page. Your landing page is linked to from your Xero marketplace listing, so it’s a great tool for you to generate leads. It’s also where you can send potential customers to find out more about the value of using your product together with Xero.

While you’ve got complete creative freedom around messaging, branding and look and feel of the page, we ask you to adhere to Xero App Partner Brand Guidelines and include the elements required by Xero.

We’ve put together this guide outlining some tips and tricks to help you create the best page possible.

1. Joint value proposition

2. Call to action links

3. Highlight the key benefits of integration

4. Imagery

App + Xero


5. About your app

Description of your product

6. About Xero (required)

What is Xero

(Example only, please use html version)

HTML Version: description of Xero

7. Include the Xero App Logo (required)


8. Include a video


9. How to connect (required)

Data Flow Diagram

10. Customer Testimonials

11. Referral Tracking

Landing page example

Landing page example