Becoming an app partner

Partner with us to join our ecosystem of over a million small business owners and their advisors around the world. Together we will shape the future of small business software.


Steps to becoming a partner

1. Register to become an app partner

Register your interest in the Xero app partner program and our developer relations team will get in touch to chat through the details.

Use of Xero’s Partner app requires completion of all certification steps listed below, unless explicitly granted an exception.

Prior to completing all certification steps:
  • Number of Xero customers on-boarded to the integration may not exceed 20 organisations
  • Integration status will be clearly displayed (i.e. beta, pre-release, non-certified, etc)
  • You may not use Xero Brand Features without Xero’s prior written consent

2. Integrate your product with Xero API

Check out our getting started guide for all the info you need to get started with the Xero API.

Once you’re a bit more familiar with our API we suggest you contact the Xero API team to discuss your intended integration in more detail. We can cover off any questions you have with Xero and our app partner program.

During the development phase, we recommend you take an iterative approach and focus on getting a first version up and running with the basics as quickly as you can. If you have any questions during your development please don’t hesitate to contact the API team.

3. Demonstrate your integration to us

Once your integration is ready, arrange a time with us to demo your integration. Ensure you've been through our integration best practices guide before you book in a review session.

4. Formal review of your integration

Once your integration is complete, we'll begin the formal review portion of the certification process.

Before you submit your application for a formal review, ensure you have been through our integration best practices guide and have:

When you submit your application for a formal review, include a set of login credentials and a list of actions (steps necessary to test the features of the integration). We will provide feedback and work with your team until all issues have been resolved.

5. Run a pilot test with Xero customers

Your integration will need to be tested in the real world with a range of Xero customers. Depending on the complexity of your integration, the pilot will need to run until we’re comfortable the solution is working well with a sufficient number of customers. The easiest way to find beta users is to reach out to your existing customers and determine which of them are already using Xero.

6. Have sufficient end user documentation

Your support documentation should include an overview of the integration, setup details, a data flow diagram, general usage instructions and FAQ’s. You can view an example of the support documentation requirements for add-on partners here. Your support documentation should be publicly accessible, as Xero support staff may need to direct customers to it. Support documentation should be updated in line with any changes made to your product and/or integration.

7. Produce a landing page

When we’re comfortable you’ve completed our requirements above, the next step is producing a landing page. This is a page for your website that we can link to from your Xero app marketplace listing. We'll also need to review your landing page before it goes live.

The landing page for your website should contains details of:

  • The scope of the integration – the features and benefits to customers
  • Links to setup details, general instructions and FAQ’s
  • Use the 'Xero Connected App' logo (available here)

View our full partner landing page requirements here to see exactly what you should include on this page.

8. Publish and promote your integration in the Xero App Marketplace

Congratulations, it's time to get your app listed in the Xero app marketplace.

We will need to collect a few details about your application to setup your listing. Go to your MyApps section ( and select the Marketplace tab on your app details screen to begin the listing process.

Some of the details you will need to supply are:

  • A copy of your logo to appear in the Xero app marketplace. Our preferred file formats are .svg, .ai or .eps.
  • Your logo will be displayed in white on a coloured background of your choosing. Please supply us with the HEX code for the background colour, eg. #13b5ea.
  • Description text: maximum length of 180 characters including spaces.

Once your application is listed in the marketplace, we encourage you to promote it far and wide! Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, EDMs and blog posts. Just note, you must get permission before using the Xero 'Connected App' logo in any online or offline marketing materials. And ensure you're always using the 'Xero Connected App' Partner logo (rather than the standard Xero logo).

We’re here to help so if you have any questions about becoming a Xero app partner please let us know.

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Use the same one as your Xero login if possible