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I need to build an integration but the owner doesn't want to allow me access to their data. What do I do?*

Integrations should be fully built and tested before being connected to a live organisation. Once the integration is complete, you can hand it over to a Standard or Adviser level user to connect. Please see our Development Account page for ways to test your integration without cost.

What permissions does a user need to connect an App via the API?*

The API essentially works on behalf of the user that authorised it to connect. Since the API acts with Standard user permissions, the user that connects the integration has to have at least Standard user permissions.

What permissions does an app have when using the API?*

Generally apps using the API have the permissions of a Standard level user. To access reporting APIs the authorising user must have Reports access and for Payroll APIs the authorising user must be a payroll admin.

Why is my organisation missing from the drop down when authorising an app?*

If your organisation isn't showing in the organisation dropdown, this means either that you don't have Standard or Adviser level permissions in that organisation, or you already connected that particular app to the organisation.