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API Updates*

Can you add this feature I want to the API?*

If you want to show your support for a feature not currently in the API then please add your votes and comments to our UserVoice page.

How do you decide which features get on the roadmap?*

The roadmap is driven by a number of factors such as developer feedback, User Voice feature requests and Xero's internal product goals. Priorities and circumstances are constantly changing so please use the roadmap as an insight into our current plans rather than a binding commitment.

When is feature X going to be supported/available?*

In the Xero Developer team we try and be as transparent as possible letting developers know what we're up to using our public roadmap.

Will you make changes to your API that will leave my integration unusable?*

Whenever we make a change to the API we try to do so in an additive way that won't break existing integrations. However, occasionally things can change in a way that isn't backwards compatible. Make sure that you stay in touch so we can let you know when things do.