Xero Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Xero API rate limits?

Learn more about Rate Limits

Are there any recommended usage limits for Xero?

Learn more about Usage Limits

Callback Urls

I’m having problems redirecting back to my application once a Xero user has authorised my app?

Learn more about Callback domains

Test accounts

How do I test my integration works with Xero without signing up for a paying account?

We recommend you use a demo company to test your integration. You’ll find your demo company in My Xero


How do I check my integration will work for Xero customers in different countries?

You can switch which country edition of Xero your Demo Company is using within My Xero.

How many different country editions of Xero are there?

Currently we have 5 different regionalized editions of Xero (NZ, AU, UK, US and Global).


Can the Xero API used with all the different versions of Xero?

Xero Business (Small, Medium & Large) and Xero Partner edition (via accounting partners) can all use the Xero API.

Anything else?

If you have other questions, head over to our Xero Community site for Developers or drop a line to our team on api at xero dot com.