Postman and Xero

We know OAuth1.0A can be tricky so we've created a Postman collection that makes authentication easy. Postman is a REST client that provides an intuitive user interface to send requests, save responses, add tests, and create workflows.

Get started by heading to our Xero-Postman Github repo or just use the "Run in Postman" button below and follow the steps:

Steps to get up and running

  1. Click "Run in Postman" to import the Xero OAuth1a collection and Xero environment into Postman
  2. Run in Postman
  3. Create a public app at
  4. create public
  5. Add your consumer key and consumer secret to the Xero environment variables in Postman
  6. Copy the consumer key and consumer secret of your app into the ConsumerKey and ConsumerSecret environment varaibles in Postman.

    credentials environment variables
  7. Select the Xero environment
  8. Select Xero from the environment drop-down menu in Postman

    select environment
  9. Get your request token
  10. Hit Send on the GET Request Token call in Postman. In the response section go to the Test Results tab and copy the authorization url.

  11. Get your oauth verifier
  12. Paste the authorization url into your browser, login to xero, select the org to connect to and copy the oauth verifier to your clipboard.

  13. Get your access token
  14. Paste the oauth verifier at the end of the GET Access Token URL in Postman. Hit Send on the request. Congrats! You're now authenticated and can start making API calls. Your access token will last for 30mins, after which time you'll need to report steps 4-6 to get a new token.

  15. Make your first API call!
  16. Click Send on the GET Organisation request to make your first API call.

Still stuck? Watch the video...