Projects Users


Methods Supported GET
Description Allows you to retrieve all active projects users.

GET projectsusers

The following elements are returned in the projectusers response

userId Identifier of the user.
name Full name of the user.
email Email address of the user.
Elements for pagination
page TThe page number within the collection.
pageSize The number of items in this page.
pageCount The total number of pages in the collection.
itemCount The total number of items in all the pages of the collection.

Optional parameters for GET projectsusers

page Optional, it is set to 1 by default. The requested number of the page in paged response - Must be a number greater than 0.
pageSize Optional, it is set to 50 by default. The number of items to return per page in a paged response - Must be a number between 1 and 500.

Example retrieving of a list of projectsusers

  "pagination": {
    "page": 1,
    "pageSize": 50,
    "pageCount": 1,
    "itemCount": 1
  "items": [
      "userId": "254484db-fa53-4ac2-b537-1d516fca67e9",
      "name": "Andrea Dutchess",
      "email": ""