Projects API


Xero Projects allows businesses to track time and costs on projects/jobs and report on profitability. See here for more information about Projects. Before you start, you will need to find a specific contact for a project. See Contacts.

Requests and Responses

The Projects API will accept requests in JSON only. Responses will also be in JSON.


The base url for all projects endpoints is
e.g. The URL for the Projects endpoint is


  • [GET] Used for retrieving resources.
  • [POST] Used for creating resources.
  • [PUT] Used for updating resources.
  • [DELETE] Used for deleting resources.
  • [PATCH] Used for partial change to resources.


The Projects API is currently version 2.0 and may be updated separately to other Xero APIs. Please see the Projects API release notes for the latest improvements.

API Previewer

The API Previewer does not currently support the Projects API