App Partner Program Overview

About the Xero app partner program

The Xero app partner program is for all of the app partners listed in the Xero app marketplace. Whether you have tens, or tens of thousands, of customers we’ve created the program to help you thrive in our ecosystem, and get your app in front of our million plus subscribers and hundred thousand plus advisors.

Our app partner program provides a clear path to grow your business and partnership with Xero, free resources and opportunities to help you succeed from day one, plus unique benefits as your app reaches new milestones.

How it works

Once we’ve reviewed and approved your app, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the app partner program. As your partnership with Xero grows, your app will progress through tiers, which are based on your customers connected to Xero, your marketplace rating, and participation in our apps community.

As you move through the tiers, you can unlock new benefits and opportunities to work more closely with Xero to accelerate your growth.

Find out more about the tiers and benefits here.

For any other questions you have about the ins and outs of the program, refer to our frequently asked questions.