App Partner Program FAQs

We’ve pulled together a list of FAQs about the Xero app partner program to help you find your feet. If your question isn’t on this list, please feel free to send it to us. We’ll do our best to answer it and update this page.

What are the benefits of the Xero app partner program for me?

Xero brings together over 40,000 developers, 100,000 plus advisors and more than a million subscribers in our unique ecosystem of cloud software solutions for small businesses. Certifying your app with Xero and joining our partner program gives you access to our thriving ecosystem community through the Xero app marketplace and access to Xero resources and support at every step of your journey. Best of all, joining us is free. Find more information on the benefits of our program here.

How are tiers calculated?

To join the app partner program, you must have successfully completed Xero’s app partner certification and maintain at least five (5) customers on your solution who are actively using Xero. Once you meet the minimum threshold, you can move through the tiers by attaining various partner requirements. View the requirements here.

What kind of partner requirements are the tiers based on?

App partners can achieve one of four tiers based on number and growth of active connections (customers actively using your Xero integration), app review ratings, and participation in the Xero community. More information about the requirements for each tier can be found here.

How do I know which tier I’m in?

Xero will send you an update each quarter (in February, May, August and November). It will include key metrics, letting you know how you’re tracking against partner tiering requirements and which tier you are in.

How do you define active connections?

Active connections is defined as paying Xero subscribers, connected to your integrated product, as measured by an active API session to your registered partner key at least once within a calendar month.

How do you measure annual connection growth?

This is the percentage growth of your app’s number active connections, measured year-on-year, using a 12 month rolling average.

If I’m in my first year of the program, how do you calculate my growth rate?

Because we measure growth rate using a year-on-year 12 month rolling average, if you have been a Xero app partner for less than a year, your growth rate will be displayed as zero in your quarterly update. We want to recognise emerging apps, so if you reach 100 connections within your first year in our program, your app can be upgraded to the connected+ tier. Fill in this form to apply.

Where does my marketplace rating come from?

Xero subscribers leave reviews for their Xero integrated apps on our community site. Your rating average and the number of times you’ve been reviewed is then pulled through onto your marketplace tile. This is also one of the requirements in the Xero app partner program and this data is refreshed once a month.

How do you define the “Xerocon Sponsorship” requirement in the app partner program?

To meet this requirement you must sponsor at least one Xerocon event within the current Xerocon season, which begins in September of each year. The current season began in September 2017 with Xerocon Melbourne and will end with Xerocon Atlanta in June 2018. The next Xerocon season begins with Xerocon Brisbane in September 2018.

What’s required to meet the tracked referrals requirement in the app partner program?

To meet this requirement at least 20% of your app’s new net connections (that’s how many new active connections you have with Xero within the last year) need to be tracked referrals to Xero, using an XTID code.

How are referrals to Xero calculated?

Xero uses XTID codes to track which app partner a new customer has come from. An XTID code is a unique piece of text within a URL that places a 30-day cookie in the user’s browser. By including a Xero XTID code in any app partner assets linking back to a web page on the Xero website, you’re ensuring Xero will recognise that customer as coming from you for the next 30-days. If the customer signs up during that period they will be counted as a referral to Xero from you.

How often can I change tiers?

Partners can apply for a new tier at any time, but we will only change tiers at set quarters, in line with the quarterly updates (in February, April, July and October).

How can I move up a tier?

Once you meet the requirements of a new tier, you need to apply to move into the next tier by filling in this form. We will let you know if you are successful, or if there are any areas you need to work on before you can move into a new tier.

Can I move down tiers?

We want you to succeed, so we have built in a six-month grace period. If you fail to maintain the necessary criteria for your existing tier, we’ll give you six months to meet all of the necessary requirements again. If in that time you don’t meet those requirements, you will be moved into the appropriate new tier.

What happens if I think the metrics in your update are wrong?

If you think we’ve made an error in calculating your partner requirement metrics, you can email us here. Xero will review your request, but we do retain final say.

How can I track my progress in between Xero’s updates?

At this stage, Xero won’t be able to provide you with an update on your metrics in between our official updates in February, May, August and November.

Will you make which tier I’m in public?

There are no current plans to share your tier publicly on our website. We have issued preferred app partner badges to our app partners in this tier, for use on their own website and collateral. For information on how to use and make the most of these badges, refer to our app partner brand guidelines. Later this year we will also roll out badges to our connected+ and recommended app partners.

How can I promote my partnership with Xero and my tier in the app partner program?

For tips and ideas on how to make the most out of our partnership, including advice on social media, content creation and getting started with ratings and reviews, refer to our go-to-market guides. Our preferred partners can use their preferred partner badge to promote their level of partnership with us. Refer to our app partner brand guidelines to find out more. Later in the year we will also roll out badges to our connected+ and recommended app partners.

Will there be more features coming in the partner program?

As the program matures, we will continue to review the expectations of, and the benefits to, our app partners. As always we’ll give you plenty of notice before we change anything.

How can I improve my app marketplace rating?

Everything you need to know about marketplace ratings and reviews can be found in this guide.