Sign up with Xero

Sign Up with Xero brings potential customers from the Xero app marketplace to your app in just a few clicks - ensuring a seamless app adoption experience. Users can provision an app trial that’s pre-populated with their Xero data. This streamlines setup and reduces friction to help improve your conversion.

Take advantage of Xero data to give a great onboarding experience and help customers see the unique value of your app sooner.

How it works

Sign Up with Xero brings the Xero connection to the beginning of the sign up process. This removes friction for customers because they no longer have to re-enter information Xero knows - name, email, company name, type, country etc. Sign In with Xero also removes the need to set up (and remember) a second password.

Plus, the first time Xero customers land in your app, you can have it pre-populated with personalised information to make their experience more meaningful - e.g. their contacts, overdue invoices, employee timesheets or financial performance.


  1. Make sure you’ve migrated to OAuth 2.0 and implemented Sign In with Xero first.
  2. Expose a “connect request url” on your site e.g. This is where we will send users that click on the “Start a free trial using Xero sign in” call to action/button on your Xero app marketplace listing.
  3. Create a tailored sign up experience for users that come via that URL.


Your tailored sign up experience should follow a similar flow;

  1. User arrives at your connect request URL from your app marketplace listing (instead of your signup page).
  2. Initiate the connection to Xero via the standard OAuth 2.0 flow and retrieve their identity details (name, email, Xero user ID) and the tokens to access the Xero API.
  3. User is redirected back to your app.
  4. You now have the user’s identity details and a connection to their Xero org so can immediately start populating a trial.

Things to consider

  • You will need to handle the scenario where a user coming through this flow has an existing account with your app (i.e. you already have an account with that email address). One option is to ask the user to sign in with their existing password so you can link their existing account with their Xero identity record.
  • Depending on the requirements of your app, you may still need to ask the user for information that isn’t available from the API. For example, you may need to ask if the user is a small business owner or accountant so you can tailor the experience for them. This could be done at step 1 or 3 in the recommendations above.