OAuth 2.0 (Beta)

New Apps

The OAuth2.0 beta is now available to developers building new integrations. Our implementation supports the standard authorization code grant type and you can find the details of how it works here.

The beta implementation will be suitable for most new integrations hovewever there are a few features that aren't supported yet:

  • Webhooks
  • Xero HQ API
  • Australian Payroll API
Support for these features will be coming soon.

Existing Apps

We will be providiing a migration path for existing OAuth1.0a partner apps to migrate to OAuth2.0. We ask that partner apps refrain from using OAuth2.0 until the migration path is available. Migrating your app will provide a smoother user experience and ensure your app retains its status in the partner program.

We will not be providing a migration path for public and private apps. If you have an integration using a public or private app you can create a new OAuth2.0 app and migrate your users at any time.


We will be launching a new suite of SDKs for integrating with OAuth2.0. These SDKs will be generated from our collection of OpenAPI definitions.

Coming soon!