Tracking referrals to Xero

Here’s a brief guide covering how we measure referrals in the Xero app partner program.

What is an XTID code?

Xero uses XTID codes to track where a new customer has come from. An XTID code is a unique piece of text added to any link pointed back to Putting an XTID code in your landing page URL places a 30-day cookie in your user’s browser. Then, once that user goes to a web page on the Xero website, for the next 30 days we’ll recognise them as coming from you. If the user signs up to a Xero trial via that browser within those 30 days, it’s tracked as a signup that came from you.

How do I view my XTID code?

App partners can view their XTID code in the app details screen on View yours at

When do I use an XTID code?

Use an XTID code anywhere you link to (e.g. from web pages, social campaigns, or email).

Linking directly to Xero from your website(e.g.

We recommend linking to our signup page with a call to action button, from your website or inside your app, using the text “Try Xero FREE”. This should be placed above the fold and alongside the button to trial or signup to your app. An example is below: (please do not use this exact URL)

We have carefully crafted the UX within to best cater for any questions your customers may have, so it’s a great place for them to start their journey with Xero, whatever their needs.

The more disciplined you are in using these codes, the more accurately we can track referrals from you, which can count towards your tier in the Xero app partner program.

Linking directly to Xero from inside your app

Now it’s also possible for you to include a Xero signup button directly within your app. This makes it easier to grow your referrals to us, while giving your customers a more seamless experience. Via a signup button your subscribers can go straight to a pre-populated signup page in Xero from your app screen, which is embedded with an XTID. Check out our documentation to find out more. If you have any further questions, please email us at