With direct bank feeds, transactions flow automatically and securely into Xero, giving businesses daily cash flow updates.

Customers set up the feed from within your application, using the Xero API for authorisation using OAuth and Feed Connections API to connect to an account in Xero. Statement data is then delivered daily into a Xero account through Statements API.

If you are already familiar with the Accounting API, it is important to review the notes below as there are differences in how the Bank Feeds API behaves.


The Bank Feeds API is a closed API that is only available to financial institutions that have an established financial services partnership with Xero.

If you're an existing financial services partner that wants access, contact your local Partner Manager.

If you're a financial institution who wants to provide bank feeds to your business customers, contact us to become a financial services partner.


Use of Xero's Bank Feeds APIs requires financial services partners to have their integration certified by Xero prior to making the integration available to customers.

Setting up your Application

Use our Getting Started Guide to get familiar with our API and authentication. Creating a public application will give you access to our accounting endpoints. Once a partnership with Xero has been established, your application will be given access to the Bank Feeds endpoints.

Get started by setting up your public application.

Requests and Responses

The Bank Feeds API will accept requests in JSON only. Responses will also be in JSON.


The base URL for all Bank Feeds endpoints is

API Rate Limits

In addition to the general API rate limits, the Statements API has an additional per minute, per application limit of 180 calls in a rolling 60 second window.


The Bank Feeds API may be updated separately to other Xero APIs. Please see the Bank Feeds API release notes for the latest changes.