Methods Supported GET
Description Returns information about a Xero organisation

GET Organisation

The following elements are returned in a response

APIKey Display a unique key used for Xero-to-Xero transactions
Name Display name of organisation shown in Xero
LegalName Organisation name shown on Reports
PaysTax Boolean to describe if organisation is registered with a local tax authority i.e. true, false
Version See Version Types
OrganisationType Organisation Type
BaseCurrency Default currency for organisation. See ISO 4217 Currency Codes
CountryCode Country code for organisation. See ISO 3166-2 Country Codes
IsDemoCompany Boolean to describe if organisation is a demo company.
OrganisationStatus Will be set to ACTIVE if you can connect to organisation via the Xero API
RegistrationNumber Shows for New Zealand, Australian and UK organisations
EmployerIdentificationNumber Shown if set. US Only.
TaxNumber Shown if set. Displays in the Xero UI as Tax File Number (AU), GST Number (NZ), VAT Number (UK) and Tax ID Number (US & Global).
FinancialYearEndDay Calendar day e.g. 0-31
FinancialYearEndMonth Calendar Month e.g. 1-12
SalesTaxBasis The accounting basis used for tax returns. See Sales Tax Basis
SalesTaxPeriod The frequency with which tax returns are processed. See Sales Tax Period
DefaultSalesTax The default for LineAmountTypes on sales transactions
DefaultPurchasesTax The default for LineAmountTypes on purchase transactions
PeriodLockDate Shown if set. See lock dates
EndOfYearLockDate Shown if set. See lock dates
CreatedDateUTC Timestamp when the organisation was created in Xero
Timezone Timezone specifications
OrganisationEntityType Organisation Type
ShortCode A unique identifier for the organisation. Used in a number of potential use cases such as deep linking.
OrganisationID The Xero generated unique identifier for the organisation. .
Edition BUSINESS or PARTNER. Partner edition organisations are sold exclusively through accounting partners and have restricted functionality (e.g. no access to invoicing) .
Class Organisation Classes describe which plan the Xero organisation is on (e.g. DEMO, TRIAL, PREMIUM).
LineOfBusiness Description of business type as defined in Organisation settings
Addresses Address details for organisation - see Addresses
Phones Phones details for organisation - see Phones
ExternalLinks Organisation profile links for popular services such as Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus and LinkedIn. You can also add link to your website here. Shown if Organisation settings is updated in Xero. See ExternalLinks below
PaymentTerms Default payment terms for the organisation if set - See Payment Terms below

Elements for PaymentTerms

Bills Default payment terms for bills (accounts payable)
Sales Default payment terms for sales invoices (accounts receivable)

Elements for Bills and Sales

Day Day of Month (0-31)
Type The type of payment term - see Payment Terms

Elements for ExternalLinks

LinkType See External link types
Url URL for service e.g.

Example response for GET Organisation


GET Organisation Actions

Retrieve a list of the key actions your app has permission to perform in the connected organisation. An action will be ALLOWED if the right feature is available in the organisation's plan and the user, who made the connection, has permission to perform that action e.g. 'CreateApprovedInvoice'.
This is not meant to represent a comprehensive list of all the actions that can be performed via the Accounting API. These particular actions have been exposed because they differ between Xero plans (and impact integrations) most frequently.

Actions Actions that are available in the organisation

Elements for Actions

Name Name of the action. For e.g 'CreateApprovedInvoice'
Status Status of the access to the action. Returns either ALLOWED or NOT-ALLOWED.

Example response for GET Organisation Actions


CIS Settings (UK)

To verify if an organisation is using contruction industry scheme, you can retrieve the CIS settings for the organistaion.

To retrieve CIS details, you have to do a GET request with OrganisationID and need to additionally specify CISSettings in your url. Refer to the request and response sample.

The following is returned for the CIS settings of an Organisation
CISContractorEnabled true or false - Boolean that describes if the organisation is a CIS Contractor
CISSubContractorEnabled true or false - Boolean that describes if the organisation is a CIS SubContractor

Example of retrieving CIS settings for an organisation