Exclusive to partners in the (refreshed) App Partner Program

Budgets functionality is available exclusively to App Partners who have migrated to OAuth 2.0 and entered into the new App Partner Program, which is expected to launch late 2020. The retrieve budgets functionality will be generally available to all integrations on OAuth 2.0 from April 2021.


URL https://api.xero.com/api.xro/2.0/Budgets
Methods Supported GET
Description Retrieve a list of budgets
Retrieve the detail of an individual budget

GET Budgets

Use this method to retrieve one or many Budgets.

  • By default responses are formatted as XML. You can also retrieve responses in JSON format.
  • When no period is requested, responses will default to 3 months. Previous, Current & Next month
  • You can retrieve a maximum of 24 months of data in a single request.

The following elements are returned in the Budgets response:

BudgetID Xero generated unique identifier for a Budget
Type Type of Budget. OVERALL or TRACKING
Description The Budget description
UpdatedDateUTC The last modified date UTC format
Tracking See Tracking Category
BudgetLines See BudgetLines - Budget lines will not be returned unless requesting a single budget
Elements for Tracking Category
Name Name of the tracking category
TrackingCategoryID Xero generated unique identifier for the category
TrackingOptionID Xero generated unique identifier for the option
Option Name of the option (Required)
Elements for Budget Lines
AccountID Xero generated unique identifier
AccountCode Customer defined alpha numeric account code e.g 200 or SALES
Balances See Balances
Elements for Balances
Period Period the amount applies to (e.g. “2019-08”)
Amount LineItem Quantity
UnitAmount Budgeted amount
Notes Any footnotes associated with this balance

Optional parameters for GET Budgets

Record filter You can specify an individual budget by appending the BudgetID to the endpoint, i.e.
GET https://.../Budgets/297c2dc5-cc47-4afd-8ec8-74990b8761e9
DateTo Include periods to this date YYYY-MM-DD
DateFrom Include periods from this date YYYY-MM-DD

Example response when retrieving a single budget

GET https://api.xero.com/api.xro/2.0/Budgets/c1d195d4-92aa-4abd-867a-7ac2f9d60500

Example response when retrieving multiple budgets

GET https://api.xerp.com/api.xro/2.0/budgets