Deep link to Xero

What are deep links?

Deep links enable an external application to create a link that directs the user to a specific resource within a specific Xero Organisation. They provide a high quality user experience for customers that are using both Xero and a connected app and need to jump between the two applications in order to complete certain tasks or view certain data.

What resources can you deep link to?

  • Invoices
  • Bills
  • Purchase Orders
  • Credit Notes
  • Contacts
  • Payments
  • Bank Transactions
  • Reports
  • New Reports

How to create deep links

By using the Organisation ShortCode and report ID, you can construct a deep link to a resource in Xero that will reference the correct Xero Organisation, for example:!NLglS&redirecturl=/Contacts/View.aspx?contactID=3E776C4B-EA9E-4BB1-96BE-6B0C7A71A37F

The ShortCode for a Xero Organisation can be retrieved from the Organisation endpoint.

Deep links to new reports follow a different format that requires the new report ID, for example:!NLglS/v1/Run/1016

The report IDs are region specific:

Report Name New Report ID Available Region(s)
Account Movement 1036 All
Account Transactions 1009 All (except US & GB)
Account Transactions 1109 US
Account Transactions 1209 GB
Aged Payables Detail 1003 All (except US & GB)
Aged Payables Detail 1103 US
Aged Payables Detail 1203 GB
Aged Payables Summary 1000 ll (except US, GB, NZ & AU)
Aged Payables Summary 1100 US
Aged Payables Summary 1200 GB
Aged Payables Summary 1300 NZ
Aged Payables Summary 1400 AU
Aged Receivables Detail 1002 All (except US & GB)
Aged Receivables Detail 1102 US
Aged Receivables Detail 1202 GB
Aged Receivables Summary 1001 All (except US & GB)
Aged Receivables Summary 1101 US
Aged Receivables Summary 1201 GB
Balance Sheet 1017 All (except US & GB)
Balance Sheet 1117 US
Balance Sheet 1217 GB
Billable Expenses - Outstanding 1033 All
CIS Monthly Return 1050 GB
CIS Subcontractor (CIS Suffered) 1055 GB
Contact Transactions - Cash 1029 All (excpet US)
Contact Transactions - Cash 1030 US
Contact Transactions - Payables 1032 All
Contact Transactions - Receivables
1031 All
Contact Transactions - Summary 1037 All
Depreciation Schedule 1020 All (except US & GB)
Depreciation Schedule 1120 US
Depreciation Schedule 1220 GB
Detailed Time 4002 All
Disposal Schedule 1021 All (except US & GB)
Disposal Schedule 1121 US
Disposal Schedule 1221 GB
EC Sales List 12 GB
Expense Claim Detail 1004 All (except US & GB)
Expense Claim Detail 1104 US
Expense Claim Detail 1204 GB
Fixed Asset Reconciliation 1035 All
Garnishment Details 2003 US
Gross To Net 2001 GB
Income Statement 1116 US
Inventory Item Details 1222 All
Inventory Item List 1223 All
Inventory Item Summary 1224 All
Movements in Equity 1018 All
Pay History 2000 NZ
Payable Invoice Detail 1023 All
Payable Invoice Summary 1022 All
Profit and Loss 1016 All (except GB)
Profit and Loss 1216 GB
Project Details 4000 All
Project Summary 4001 All
Receivable Invoice Detail 1026 All
Receivable Invoice Summary 1025 All
Statement of Cash Flows 1034 All (except US)
Statement of Cash Flows 1134 US
Statement of Cash Flows - Direct Method
1060 All (except US)
Statement of Cash Flows - Direct Method 1160 US
Statement of Changes in Equity 1218 GB
Statement of Owners' Equity 1118 US
Trial Balance 1005 All
Untitled Report 1028 All

Examples of deep links

Note: These links will only work for you if you modify the ShortCode and other parameters to be relevant to your Demo Company or Xero Organisation.
View an invoice:!NLglS&redirecturl=/AccountsReceivable/View.aspx?InvoiceID=1cf1a11c-a067-4a05-9c8b-06f281f7afed
View a bill:!NLglS&redirecturl=/AccountsPayable/Edit.aspx?InvoiceID=16f93747-4794-422f-ad30-7340ca0309c0
View a purchase order:!G4KH-&redirecturl=/Accounts/Payable/PurchaseOrders/View/e87d9be5-24bd-4e9b-92de-e18d0b87a7c3/
View a credit note:!NLglS&redirecturl=/AccountsPayable/ViewCreditNote.aspx?creditNoteID=4aa20e93-ec11-441e-b5dc-1fdafdfdf06c
View a contact record: (old ui view)!NLglS&redirecturl=/Contacts/View.aspx?contactID=3E776C4B-EA9E-4BB1-96BE-6B0C7A71A37F View a contact record: (new ui view)!NLglS&redirecturl=/Contacts/View/8275f116-6419-4b82-889a-f41dcc1d6186

Note: We suggest using the new UI view. The old UI view is included for legacy reasons and will be redirected to the new UI view at a later stage.

View an expense claim summary:!NLglS&redirecturl=/Expenses/ExpenseClaimSummary.aspx?expenseId=fae41464-0d0a-4767-8c52-cd3f9f9e6965
View a payment:!NLglS&redirecturl=/Bank/ViewTransaction.aspx?bankTransactionID=59fb3eb7-9884-4c75-a77c-d559a84e2e0b
View a bank transaction:!NLglS&redirecturl=/Bank/ViewTransaction.aspx?bankTransactionID=36fb9c72-aa18-4ab7-b737-3f15c1eb6c64
View a profit & loss report:!NLglS&redirecturl=/Reports/report2.aspx?statement=a22c12ce-7b22-49ff-a674-1a509552f6de&reportClass=ProfitAndLoss
View a profit & loss report in new report:!NLglS&redirecturl=/Reports/report2.aspx?statement=a22c12ce-7b22-49ff-a674-1a509552f6de&reportClass=ProfitAndLoss
View 'Connected Apps' settings screen:!NLglS&redirecturl=/Settings/ConnectedApps/

Useful for directing a user to where they can disconnect an integration from within Xero.

View 'Payment Services' settings screen:!NLglSq&redirecturl=/Settings/PaymentGateways/
View 'Branding Themes' settings screen:!NLglSq&redirecturl=/InvoiceSettings/InvoiceSettings.aspx

Invoice URL Link:

Invoices & Bills have an additional feature that enables a link to be created to an external product or source document. For integrations that create Invoices & Bills this feature enables a two way linkage between the Xero & 3rd party applications. The Invoice feature enables the Xero -> 3rd party link (see request example & image below), while a deep link can be utilised for the 3rd party -> Xero link.

deep links example

Invoice URL Link Request Example:

PUT/POST /Invoice

      <Name>Martin Hudson</Name>
        <Description>Monthly rental for property at 56a Wilkins Avenue</Description>