Xero and the Partner each acknowledge and agree that they will take reasonable action to achieve the purposes of this agreement.

The Partner agrees to the following steps

  • Accept the Terms of Agreement on the Xero website
  • Integrate your product or service with Xero through the Xero Developer API
  • Demonstrate your integration to the Xero API team
  • Run a successful pilot of the integration with a range of Xero customers
  • Have sufficient end user documentation
  • Ensure validation and other errors are kept to a minimum
  • Produce a landing page on your website which describes your integration with Xero.
  • Ensure Xero partner security requirements are adhered to
  • Agree upon a SLA on joint support of common customers
  • Adhere to the Xero Partner Communication Guidelines..

Partner status cannot be confirmed until the above steps are complete. Xero reserves the right to accept or decline any organisation or individual becoming a Xero Developer Partner. Xero also reserves the right to terminate its relationship with any existing Xero Developer Partner.

Benefits of partnership

  • Access to the Xero Developer Center
  • Provide developer support for integration, and provide initial end user support for enquiries made directly to Xero
  • Xero promotion on the Add-on pages of www.xero.com
  • Opportunity to attend & exhibit at Xero conference and roadshow events

Duration of the agreement

Once the partner application form has been completed, this agreement will remain until superseded or terminated by either party.

To maintain partnership status, the partner agrees to:

  • Have a dedicated pre-approved landing page that promotes Xero on your website.
  • Not abuse the relationships with the wider Xero ecosystem with unsolicited email campaigns.
  • Ensure all branding & promotional material is kept up to date.
  • Maintain not less than 5 customers on your product that are also actively using Xero
  • Actively support and maintain your integration.
  • Continue to adhere to the support SLA.

Add-on partner products will be reviewed annually to ensure compliance with partner status requirements.

Disputes and termination of the agreement

Either party may terminate this agreement for any reason, giving notice of one month.