Release Notes – Payroll API

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Version 1.4

Date: February 24, 2013

Bug fixes
1. Resolves an issue related to JSON requests that result in a 400 validation error being returned as 500 errors.
2. Approved timesheets can no longer be created against a POSTED Payrun.
3. Resolves being updated on the LeaveApplications endpoint.
4. Resolves changing Employees BankAccounts fixed & percentage values.

Version 1.3

Date: October 15, 2013

New features and improvements

1. Added TaxTypeName to TaxLines on the Payslip endpoint.
2. Improved handling of duplicate timesheets when in draft mode.

Bug fixes
1. Resolves issue related to providing the ABN when requesting a Superfund.

Version 1.2

Date: September 12, 2013

New features and improvements

1. A new endpoint for Settings

Version 1.1

Date: August 5, 2013

New features and improvements

1. Changes to TFN Exemption handling via the Employees endpoint.

There has been a breaking change to the employee’s endpoint. TFNPendingOrExemptionHeld has been deprecated and replaced with a TFNExemptionType.

Version 1.0

Date: May 28, 2013

New features and improvements

1. Public release of the Xero Payroll API
2. API Previewer support

Version 0.2

Date: March 25, 2013

New features and improvements

1. Added support for private applications
2. New endpoints for

  • LeaveApplications
  • Timesheets

Version 0.1

Date: Dec 10, 2012

New features and improvements

1. Initial support for public and partner applications
2. Endpoints for

  • Employees
  • PayItems
  • PayrollCalendars
  • Payruns
  • Payslip
  • Superfunds
  • TaxDeclaration