API Application Setup

Application details guidelines

Your API application details should follow these guidelines:

  • Should be the same as the name of the add-on
  • Should not include any references to Xero trademarks or products
  • Company URL should be a direct link to the product or company

API application setup screen

Xero API Application Setup

Where are the application details used?

The application name is used in the following areas:

Xero add-on management

Xero Addon Application Details within Xero App

Xero add-on management panel showing how “Application Name” & “Company URL” are used within Xero

Xero add-on oAuth flow

Xero application authorisation screen

Xero application authorisation screen showing “Application Name” and “Company URL”.

Xero history

Xero Invoice History

Xero history shows actions by API applications (application name is shown).