This page documents any currently known issues with the Xero API. If you believe you are encountering a bug with the Xero API, please contact

General status

1:39 – 2:24, 19 Nov 2014 (UTC) – RESOLVED – 500 errors on Attachments endpoint

Due to an infrastructure outage, the Xero API experienced a high volume of 500 errors on the Attachments endpoint between 01:39 and 02:24 UTC on 19th Nov 2014 (UTC). This issue has now been resolved.

22:58 – 13 Nov 2014 (UTC) – RESOLVED – SSL termination issue

Update: 05:05 – 14 Nov 2014
As a result of an issue with the TLS 1.2 SSL protocol, this protocol has been disabled on the Xero API.
If your application / interface does not explicitly reference the TLS 1.2 protocol, it should revert to the next available protocol without issue. If your application does explicitly reference the TLS 1.2 protocol, we recommend reverting to specify TLS 1.1.

Issue reported: 22:58 – 13 Nov 2014
As a result of a security patch applied at 04:37 this morning, we have received reports from a number of users that they are unable to connect to the API – an error manifesting as ‘connection reset’ or similar may be exhibited.

Our operations team are working on an issue resolution – please contact if you believe this is affecting you.

15 Aug 2014 – There are currently two known issues with the Items endpoint:

1. Item descriptions longer than 1000 characters are causing an error on POST.

2. An Item with an AccountCode from an account that has been deleted or archived is throwing an error on POST. The workaround is to make any update to the item via the Xero UI, then future POSTs on that item will be successful.

We are working on a fix to both of these issues and will post to this page when we have a resolution.

Accounting API: Scheduled outages

None planned

Payroll API – Australia: Known issues

There are no current performance/stability issues with the Xero API.

Payroll API – Australia: Scheduled outages

None planned